iOffices #1 | Red Bull

Have you ever wondered what the offices of global companies look like? We decided to share with you a unique glimpse into the world of the workspaces of companies we have cooperated with.

Our first stop on this journey takes us directly to Pradiaren 1900 in Bratislava, where we helped to create distinctive office premises for the global giant - Red Bull!

We are proud of Martin Nagy, the architect in iO Partners Slovakia, who embraced the challenge and created premises that are not only visually impressive but also full of energy, adrenaline, and a passion for sports. The entire office spans 450 square meters, spread across two floors, encapsulating the essence of Red Bull.

In our design, we drew inspiration from the spirit of this global brand, reflected in every detail. The industrial style we chose combines coziness with sharper contours, creating a unique atmosphere for the Red Bull team. Every corner of the office immerses you in a world where creativity and innovation converge.

We look forward to sharing more stories with you about spaces we've created in collaboration with our clients. Together, we unveil the secrets of successful work environments!

Photos: EKOMA Design, a. s.


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