Practical guide for office tenants

iOffices #2 | Mercurtrade


Continuing our exploration in the iO Offices series, we bring you one of our latest projects featuring Mercurtrade, in which the collaboration between our Office Agency and Project Development & Services teams resulted in a unique workspace.Janka Machova Polyakova, leading our Office Agency, successfully ... Read more


iOffices #1 | Red Bull


Have you ever wondered what the offices of global companies look like? We decided to share with you a unique glimpse into the world of the workspaces of companies we have cooperated with. Our first stop on this journey takes us directly to Pradiaren 1900 in Bratislava, where we helped to create distinctive o...

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SAP Slovakia changes its seat after 10 years.


A Slovak branch of the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP Slovakia, is renting over 3,000 sq m of office space within the modern office complex Twin City in Bratislava. Besides the generous office area, SAP also included in its new lease contract approximately 120 underground parking spaces...

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